BAROQUE was formed in 2001 and grew quickly in popularity becoming a "MAJOR" band in lightening speed. The band played at the prestigious Nippon Budokan just after 2 years into their career. BAROQUE has been known to begin the movement of "Oshare-Kei" meaning Stylish Type within the visual kei subgenre which were very unusal at the time. Since then, their presence and sound had stood out in front of the era with a stylish expression. Their first major album "sug life" was intensively lyrical with emotion in mixture style which is still now highly acclaimed in Japanese music history.Disbanding in 2003 after only 3 years of activity, BAROQUE reunited for a free concert in 2011 and fully restarted activities in January 2012. That same month, baroque became the first independent band to have three of the top five positions on the Oricon chart. However, bassist Bansaku left the group several months later and guitarist Akira followed in 2013, leaving only the duo of vocalist ryo and guitarist Kei.

sun-krad (FWD INC.) / label: (FIREWALL DIV.)
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