The band began on March 6th 2010. 
Issei (Vocals), Kazuki (Guitar), Yuu (Guitar), Tsubame (Bass), Masaumi (Drums). New Sensational Mixture Rock Band. The bands name had been decided by Bug (bug from games and etc.) Lug ( from Luxury). Flashy and Fun is the motto and the meaning behind the name of the band. The band had surprised many by not showing their face in public, although they are a Visual Kei Band. By doing that, BugLug released a time limited single called “-7-“ and within a month made a record of 2 Million Download before their actual debut. Check out their flashy fashion as well!

Resistar Records (FWD INC.
Officai Website: http://buglug.jp/

BugLug Music CD's & DVD's