Lolita Dark


Lolita Dark is an Epic Rock band with roots in Southern California and Japan formed in 2012. Their sound weaves together crunching guitar riffs, progressive bass lines, lush harmonies, and complex melodic structures in songs that reflect both angst and optimism in an increasingly interconnected world of disconnected residents.Fronted by Shibuya-born singer/songwriter Rayko, Lolita Dark provides the soundtrack and visuals of a world where light intersects dark, east meets west, and the past overlaps the present, depicting the, seemingly, redundant circles of our lives and universe.The core of Lolita Dark is formed by singer/ songwriter / guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Rayko (Ray), Bassist Rain Balen, and Drummer Joey Felix who are also members of the Los Angeles rock band "Dig Jelly", and Okinawan vocalist and keyboardist K-Lu, guitarist Chris, and guitarist Patrick Cabrera of prog metal band False Empire. Lolita Dark has debuted in Japan administrated by Nameless and signed with SPARK CO LTD releasing their Japan Debut Album "Citizen's Revenge" in 2016.

SPARK CO LTD / Nameless
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